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Student Management

Streamline student records, attendance, and performance data for efficient tracking and analysis

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Monitor and manage student attendance digitally, offering real-time updates to teachers and parents for enhanced engagement and accountability.

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Manage student fees & payments, and financial transactions, ensuring accurate billing, tracking, and secure online payment processing.

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Incident Logging

Track and address disciplinary incidents, maintain incident reports, and communicate with relevant parties to ensure a safe and respectful maktab environment.

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Foster seamless parent-teacher communication through emails, SMS, and scheduling of meetings.

Emaktab 6


Access a centralised dashboard offering an overview of student information, attendance, incidents, and financial data for informed decision-making and efficient maktab management.

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Access attendance reports on a centralised dashboard, providing insights into student attendance patterns, trends, and individual records for informed decision-making and intervention.

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Seamlessly upload and organise documents on a centralised platform for parents, teachers and students.

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Simple & cost-effective

An affordable and user-friendly solution for Maktabs & Madrasahs.

An affordable and user-friendly solution for Maktabs & Madrasahs

e-maktab is a tailor-made cloud-based system designed exclusively for the management of Maktabs & Madrasahs

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A Must Have!

The integrated direct debit system is a HUGE win for any Madrasah. Extremely convenient for admin when it comes to setting up payments and/or keeping on top of unpaid fees. Furthermore, pretty much anything a Madrasah needs can be done from e-Maktab. Registers, admissions, email to parents, grading students and much more, all from one centralis...

By CICT Madrasah on Trustpilot
Madrassah masjid tawhid

We have been using this product for 1 year at Masjid Tawhid. It has been a game changer and helped us be more efficient and focused on teaching. With the introduction of stripe integration I look forward to how this product will help us next year. The support team is amazing and always on hand even at short notice.

By Anonymous on Trustpilot
Brilliant. Trial it for yourself

I have been looking for a madrassah school management for years. E-maktab is everything we need and more. Great starting dashboard summarises everything in the system. Parents, students, attendance, fees. Easy to use system you wont be disappointed. Entering data is simple. Clever way linking students to parent mobile number helps you manage sib...

By AM Madrassah on Trustpilot
2 year user experience with E-Maktab

We have been using the E-maktab system for roughly two years now and it has been an absolute blessing. Has made life much easier in regards to managing the Madrassah, monitoring student performance and attendance, storing parent and student info, sending out emails and printing off various different reports when required. It is definitely recom...

By Muhammad Ulfat Ali on Trustpilot